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Backdated blog [Oct. 4th, 2005|04:02 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I enjoyed this blog so I'm reposting it here on El Jay:

OK, a rare 2 1/2 blog week. After 2 semi-serious ones, wanted to get back to my usual nonsense.

Notes whilst watching the MTV VMA's at a bar Sunday night:

-Does anyone besides me think it's ironic MTV hosts these awards when MTV rarely shows videos anymore. They used to show videos 24/7, now it's all shows

-While I consider them punk-lite, I was happy to see Greenday do so well. Nice to see rock-n-roll still exists

-Ditto the Killers with their retro 80's Morrisey-esque sound

-Sean "Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy" Combs may be talented and somewhat charismatic but was totally not funny and boring as hell

-Did we really need to see MC Hammer?

-I always thought it was pronounce cain, not con-ye

-Ashlee Simpson is the Billy Carter, Don Swayze, or Frank Stallone of the Simpson brood

-I still have no idea what that "krump" thing was all about. No idea if it was good or bad as I don't know what they were trying to do (author's note: it was actually Krump dancing, apparently a dance troupe. I still had no idea what they were doing)

-If you've never heard or seen the R Kelly "Hiding in the Closet" videos/songs, they are the most singularly unintentially funny thing I've ever laid my eyes on

-It was poetic justice that Missy Elliot, hardly a size 2, won the best dance video

-Jamie Foxx really appeared to be slumming in retrospect

-Dane Cook, one of the funniest comedians going (and an Arlington home boy) BOMBED under the spotlight

-Snoop exudes cool more then anyone currently in Hollywood

-I can dance like Usher, but I don't like to show off

-2 words...Eric freakin Roberts!!!!

Since I'm sure no one else watched the show, this will fall on deaf ears, but I enjoyed it, so too bad
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Randomness [Oct. 4th, 2005|03:58 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]

-Greater Boston doesn't have enough "joint's" any more. Ya know, a bar with cheap beer, one or 2 coin-op pool tables, dart boards, and a juke box. Every place you can play pool etc around here are either a) over done foofy place or b) over done family entertainment centers or c) true townie bars where they don't want you there

-If you go out for 21/2 hours on a Tuesday night and get a tab with 11 Miller Lites on it, and you're the only one drinking that particular beer, do you have a drinking problem?

-To wit, if you consume more the 5 beers (way more most night) every night for 8 days, should you seek help??

-Philadelphia Eagles fans are an interesting mix of obnoxious/pathetic. I mean really, fight song for a pro team? Grown ups chanting E A G L E S in random places (in this case, a bar at the airport waiting to fly TO Atlanta to get beat by the Falcons)

-Is it a sign of true friendship when a co-worker calls and rings your bell at 4:00 am on a thursday night (friday morning) as they can't drive home and you say, "sure, couch is right there". Or true stupidity

-We truly are suckers when we're happy that gas is "only" $3.00

-Finally meeting someone who makes you happy and vice versa is great inspite of major hurdles and obstacles keeping you apart

-Trying to organzie anything involving more then 3 adults with some semblance of a life is next to impossible

-If you don't read you'll never understand the perverse pleasure in getting so engrossed in a book you try and read it in one day

-The volume level of 9 guys drinking beer, watching baseball and talking fantasy football is tremendous. Thankfully my neighbors kick ass

-Note to self...when said guys come over, hide the Jamesons

-The scene at any 24 hour breakfast joint after 2:00 am is oft more entertaining as anything that night

-Call me old, out of touch, whitebred or whatever else, but white kids tryin to look "urban" look just stupid (in some of the current "fashion trends" everyone looks stupid black, white or otherwise)

-It truly is attitude, not age that matters

-It's totally awesome when you can meet someone on the net and make real life friend's (LL) and relationships (Amanda) with more to come I hope. Kind of makes all the hours wasted on here seem worth while :)
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Hot...or not?? [Jun. 15th, 2005|02:57 pm]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]

(note: the Myspace references are because I orignally posted this there and left it unaltered as myspace is certainly closer to the type of site I rail against then el jay)
If you know me, you know this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Sites like hotornot.com and the like (ratemybody, facethejury, bangme, idhitthat, etc etc etc) are to me whats wrong with the internet (OK, one of the many things). Admit it, either you or someone you know has posted their pics on this type of site. While I don't begrudge anyone the right to do so, I do have a few primary issues.

The concept is people post (hopefully real) pictures of themselves in hopes that people will give them high ratings and indicating they are “hot”. If the pictures are not top notch, I guess you're “not”. In the end you hope for love and approval from countless strangers and the possibility of making a real life or on-line connection. OK...now, honestly, how many people who don't think they are at least semi-hot are going to post on here? OK, some people might have pics of themselves that make them look better then they really are and hence greater level of approval. Can there be a greater showing of total narcisism?

When did we start caring what 1,000's of people we don't know and most we never will know think of us? Can someone truly tell from a couple of snapshots on the web what a person is really like? Or even what they really look like? My experience is people only post pics of themselves looking as good as possible, from the best angles, etc. So what can someone really tell about you from these? That you have at least a couple of awesome pictures?

Most of my friends who have posted pictures on these type of sites have reported meeting mostly pervs and stalkers. I will admit, I have one friend who met the “man of her dreams” on one of these sites. But, honestly, what's the net result? Finding out you're an 8.5? Or 92% bangable? At the end of the day, this matter why?

Most people I talk to say in the opposite sex, they prefer personality, sense of humor, and niceness to looks. So why not niceornot.com? Hugme.com? Idliketohaveaniceconverstionwiththat.com? Why, because that's not titilatiing. That doesn't give people a chance to be low and perverted and trying cheesy lines. Doesn't prompt people to ask for “private” pics/ Does that kind of attention make us truly feel better about ourselves? Am I just plain old and grouchy (ok, don't answer that last one).

In the case of full disclosure, I have never posted pics of myself on any of these sites although I did once sign up for thedilly.com. And those that say myspace is just hotornot lite, then you're missing the point.
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Rich's Reviews [Jun. 15th, 2005|02:55 pm]
[mood |blahblah]

I decided that since I've seen more movies then god, I'm going to start giving random thumbnails on recent movies as well as movies I like which you may not have seen. Of course, if this idea blows, then I'll stop: P

1) Cinderella Man- Uplifting common man redeems himself kind of movie. Set during the Great Depression, it's the story of James J Braddock who went from contender to standing in a soup line to contending for the heavyweight championship. Even if you hate boxing, it's a great story. Russell Crowe is great as is Paul Giamatti. Renee Zellwegger is wasted, but good. Worth seeing but long and a bit slow in the middle

2) The Longest Yard- Ugg. The original was a cult favorite viewed over and over on UHF channels all during the late 70's and 80's and was great in concept and simplicity. Prisoners versus guards in football. Burt Reynolds was perfect as the smirking, cocky star.

The new one is like an MTV production with all sorts of quazi-celebrities and former football players and pro wrestlers. The copied every classic scene, but changed it slightly. Adam Sandler was just wrong for this role. Rent the original

3) Star Wars Episode III- I loved it. I hated Episodes 1 and 2, but this was great as it tied up every question leading into the first (episode 4) Star Wars. It's fairly violent for young, young kids and lacks a lot of the lightweight scenes of the other 5 movies. If you like Star Wars, go see this.

4) House of Wax- Was forced into seeing this. Awful, insulting, not scary. The only redeeming part was seeing Paris Hilton get...well, I won't say for those of you still planning on seeing this poop, but it made me smile when it happened.

5) Enron-The Smartest Guys in the Room- Similar in ways to Fahrenheit 911 except no self promoting idiot like Michael Moorer. I was fascinated as at the time it happened, I was lost. It's incredible how greedy, stupid and arrogant people can be. This will be on DVD soon. Not for everyone, but good stuff.

Hidden Gem Rental-

Miller's Crossing- Made by the Cohen brothers, this is a favorite of mine, very quotable, great period dress and lingo. Based loosely on Kurasawas Yojimbo (the basis for A Fist Full of Dollars and probably a dozen other movies) it's set in the 30's with the backdrop being rising tensions between rival Irish and Italian gangs with Gabriel Byrnes Tom caught in the middle...or is he playing both sides against the middle? I love this movie. Great performances by Byrne, Albert Finney, and John Tutturo (and many others)

Of course, these are just my opinions. What do you think? ;)
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Nudity.... [May. 25th, 2005|01:49 pm]
[mood |coldcold]

What’s with people and nudity? I don’t mean in films, but in real life. It seems there is no middle ground on nakedness, you’re either comfortable with it, or you’re not! We have this discussion a lot and most recently the other night.

The true microcosm of nudity is the gym. I have belonged to gyms since 10th grade and one thing rings true of all of them: Some people are in and out of the locker room quickly, while others seem to spend more time in there then the workout floor. Now, am I hung up on nudity? No. Am I ashamed of my body? No (not happy with it either). Do I think 90% of the people in the world should spend as little time naked as possible? YES!! Here’s some general suggestions regarding this:
1) There is no reason to shave any part of your body at the gym. If you feel compelled to, please cover the rest of yourself. I have no desires to see anyone outside the shower shaving in the buff, no fuckin way.
2) If you feel compelled to speak to me, find a towel. I will not spend any time speaking to a naked man.
3) To wit, if it’s a communal type shower as opposed to stalls, don’t speak to me at all while I’m showering, it’s just too weird.
4) There is no reason, NO REASON, to ever bend over sans clothing…ewww.
5) When preparing to shower, bring a towel with you, don’t walk from the shower-dripping wet, then decide to towel off back at your locker. No one wants a wet naked person standing amongst him or her.
I could go on and on about this, but I don’t want people thinking I obsess about it (OK, I do, but my sisters tales of horror of the women’s locker room makes me sound tame).
So does anyone agree, or am I (he he) all wet (get it…all wet…doh)?
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ARE YOU SHITTING ME? [May. 17th, 2005|11:49 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

OK, tell me I’m crazy here. First, some back ground. I’ve always had a job, haven’t been broke since my early 20’s, and never been rich (well, except my name). I’ve missed 4 days in 16 years of full time employment and like everyone, some days I hate work, but I can’t imagine not working (and yes, full time parent is work folks, so I’m not dissing anyone).

So, that being said, I have a friend from the gym who has been gainfully unemployed for I think going on 4 years with the exception of some contract work. Every time I see her, she, or she and her girlfriend are always lamenting about this to me. I never really asked, but both are involved in the tech industry somehow. I always feel bad, but I’m also like, well, do something, anything until something crops up. She can’t use the “collecting unemployment” excuse anymore. Her dad is even urging her to move back to upstate New York. She says he’s old school and can’t imagine someone in their 30’s not working.

Well, I’m talking to my sister and the subject turns to said friend. It turns out, she’s had job offers, but won’t come down in her salary demand. Now, I’m not naïve, and I realize some jobs demand an assload of money. I also know tech jobs are way down from where they were in the mid-90’s etc. So, she got an offer one town over from where she lives. The offer was $125,000 a year! She wants $225, 000! OK, so now, I’m pissed. She’s been demanding over $200, 000 for 4 years now? WTF? Good luck. I know that once you come down in price, you really struggle to get back up, but, where I’m from, $125,000 is a pissload of money and approximately $125,000 more then zero!!!

I felt stupid as I have been feeling bad for 4 years, now I’m just like, meh L So, am I crazy? Well, in this case at least? I guess some people can’t get out of the past and have a much higher opinion of them selves. Do me a favor Lisa, GET A FUCKIN JOB AND STOP BITCHING!!!
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What really chaps my ass...... [May. 13th, 2005|09:53 am]
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

other then cold and wind....
-Gas not only being nearly $2.50 a gallon, but having to pump it yourself

-Why at Starbucks for the money they charge they can't put your cream and/or sugar in for you....and they make you speak in code....vente....bite me

-When you go to a bar (in MA in particular) and their "drink specials" are $.50 less then normal price...wtf? Don't even insult me

-No matter which line I pick at Walgreens, it's always the one with "arguing over silly things" man in it. It's un-fuckin-canny. Twice in one weekend (and I'm a dumbass for going there twice in one weekend) I ended up in line behind psychos arguing over silly things with the 18 year old "manager"!!!

-When did the service go out of customer service? I say it's when we decided that Walmart and Target was how we wanted to shop. I asked a kid at Target once where I could find an electric razor, he said, I don't know, walk to the other side of the store and ask someone there. Meh. Thanks jackass

-On the same note, am I the only one that finds going to one of these giants stressfull? I get lost for gods sake! I have friends in other parts of the country that will go to Walmart for 2 items. 2! I won't go to one for less then a carriage full of product! My friend gets her film developed and even her glasses at Walmart. Thats is so beyond crazy to me I can't even comprehend. (my large chains versus sole proprietorship rant will be coming soon)

-People in a rush to pull out from the left or right side streeet in front of you, then in no hurry once they are in front of you

-Same people pulling out in front of you on their cells who have no idea that you are even there...I swear, the time one of these phone humpers actually hits me, it will be justifiable homicide

-Overly enthusiastic servers (politically correct terminology for waiter/waitress) at chain restaraunts! I had a woman introduce herself as Suzy-Q, come by every 2 minutes for an order after we asked for five minutes, then as we were settling the bill between my friend and I, didn't even have the money on the table, she walks by and asks if we need change...grrrrrrr. I won't even mention the guy waiting on the tables with kids that was so friendly I would have yanks any children with me out of there.

Man....I really am a miserable son of a bitch....bite me!
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Crappy Job Titles [May. 5th, 2005|12:01 pm]
[mood |geekygeeky]

This is something I think about wayyyyyy too much. (tongue planted firmly in cheeek):
-Person in charge of putting chocolates in boxes-Fudge packer
-Senior employee at the bait and tackle shop-Master baiter
-Person in charge of quality control of tall chairs at the furniture store-Stool sampler
-Person who cleans golf balls at the driving range-Head ball washer
-Person in charge of cleanliness at Planters-Nut scrubber
-Seller of black market cigarettes- Butt pirate
Any more :P
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Taking Chances [Apr. 19th, 2005|04:27 pm]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]

For once, this was a pretty good weekend. I think in part becuase I did something I rarely do... threw caution to the wind. It's just not in my nature, and typically, when I do, it blows up in my face. I got together with a friend I made on-line. You have to know me to understand inspite of being on-line since 1997, I never communicated with someone I didn't know off-line until January of 2003. Times change, and I now often spend my time before going to bed communicating with such friends. Well, this one in particiualt, we been joking about it for 6 months now, and through a series of recent events, I said fuck it. Why not? Well, everyone told me why not: Shes 15 years younger, she lives out of state, you're wasting your time. Well, as I'm 38 and all my "friends" sage advice has really helped shape my life so far (dripping with sarcasm), I followed my own advice which was, what is there to lose?

I won't get into boring details, but we spent Sunday together. It was fun, we laughed a lot, drank some, ate bad food, etc. It was odd at first knowing so much about someone (been chatting for 10 months) and then actually meet them. Most important, we spoke last night things are pretty much as they were previously (my biggest fear really) maybe a bit....closer.

Now, was it a life changing meeting? No, my lifes not likely to change period at this point. Are we likely to see each other again? I think so, tho who knows. Was it important to me? Yea. I've gotten to the point with women where I don't even go thru the motions any more and assume I'm just not "their type" and I guess recent events (Sue kinda likes me as well) show maybe I am. Who knows.
Now, if I can only meet someone less then 4 states away, life would be good ;)
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More random musings [Apr. 16th, 2005|10:01 am]
-In an Italian restaraunt, chicken is pollo, beef is carne, squid is calimari. In an american restaraunt, its chicken, beef, yet still calimari....odd (credits rolled to MH for this)

-Why are full service gas stations disappearing? Gas costs just as much at self serve and I have to drag my lazy ass out of the car in the rain, snow, and blazing heat.

-Is anything more annoying when you're waiting on seating for 2 and you see 10 open tables for 3 or more, but they make you wait for a 2 person one? I know it's economics, but christ, is me walking out going to make you more money then an empty 3 plus seater?

-Being able to wear shorts and not shave goin to work kicks ass!

- I haven't rented a move in nearly 2 years since I moved. I have no idea why. Guess my attention span at home sucks, as I've gone to at least 50 movies in that same time period

-Ice cream trucks kick ass, yet are inherently creepy for some reason

-Why was it until 5 years ago, no one wore gloves preparing food and no one got sick. Now they all wear 2 and seems more food born illnesses then ever

-Why is everyone allergic to peanuts now and not before? My nephew cannot bring a peanutbutter sandwich to school beacuse so many are allergic. I would have starved.

Ok, mind is flushed.
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